About BDS Laundry

Nothing is more frustrating or costly than having your commercial laundry equipment down for repairs and machines out of service. That’s why BDS stocks the laundry parts you need to get your equipment back in service quickly and cost effectively. From belts and bearings to pumps and valves, BDS has the replacement and repair parts to keep your laundry machines up and running.

BDS is also the top online source for laundry accessories including detergent, soap, wire laundry carts and baskets, bill changers, payment systems, coin slides, drop kits, money boxes, signs and decals, laundry furnishings, and much more. Our secure online store makes it easy to search, compare and buy commercial laundry parts, ancillary equipment, and accessories.

With over 54 years of commercial laundry industry experience and a dedicated team of in-house parts professionals, BDS serves thousands of customers across the United States. We sell parts nationwide for the industry’s top brands of washers, dryers and related commercial laundry equipment. Our central U.S. location ensures fast and efficient delivery direct to your door.

If you can’t find something you’re looking for or need assistance in locating a hard to find part, call the Laundry Experts at (800) 328-1974 or contact us online.

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